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Beach Volley Balls

  • Beach Volley Balls made of kid (leather grain) polyurethane (Korean). 
  • beach volley ball made of 2 polyester +  2 cotton with self cure latex glue. 
  • Beach VolleyBalls  fitted with 70/75 grams carbonated latex bladder. 
  • 64.5 - 66.5 cm. 
beach volley ball
beach volley balls
  • Beach Volley Balls 
  • beach volley ball made of kid leather grain
  • Beach volley balls made of 2 polyester +  2 cotton with self cure latex glue. 
  • 70/75 grams carbonated latex bladder
  • With custom logo imprint
  • Also available in promtional quality. 
  • Beach Volleyballs 
  • Beach volleyball  (leather grain) polyurethane (Japan). 
  • 2 polyester with self cure latex glue. 
  • 60/65 grams carbonated latex bladder. 
  • 70/75 grams butyl bladder (Taiwan). 
  • 260-280 grams 
  • 64.5 - 66.5 cm. 
  • 40  volley ball packed in a carton (Size 59x39x62cm) 
  • Also available in promtional quality. 
indoor soccer ball
Indoor Soccer Balls

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