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Club Training Soccer Balls :
Superior quality craftsmanship characterizes all the sports balls that we manufacture. Our wide range of sports balls includes Rugby Balls, Touch Balls, Aussie Rule Football and American Football.

RH-129 Soccer Equipment

Club Training Soccer Ball

  • Soccer ball Specifications 
    • Finish:     Double PU application 
    • Soccer ball covering: PVC composite 
    • Lamination:   Multilayer polyvicose/cotton 
    • Bladder:  latex carbonized.
    • Performance: Soft-touch; 

    • Level of Play: Camp; developmental 
    RH-70 Soccer Ball

    Club Training Footballs

    • Soft-touch, premium PU cover 
    • multi-layer reinforced backing
    • guarantees shape stability 
    • dimensional stability for grass as well as hard ground 
    • natural latex bladder for added softness 
    • collegiate training ball & high school matchball 
    • NFHS approved Soccer Balls 
    RH-31 promotion

    Soccer balls with Scuff resistant 
    PU cover for soft touch

    multi-layer reinforced backing guarantees 
    Soccer ball shape stability 
    waterproof cover Soccer Ball 
    natural latex bladder for truer play 
    excellent matchball for collegiate soccer,
    club Soccer, and high school soccer play 
    According to NFHS Standards. 
  • Also available in official sizes 3 & 4 

  • Football available in any color and graphics
    RH-72 soccer-balls-products
    Club Training Soccer balls
  • Specifications 
  • Soccer balls Finish:     Double PU application 
  • Covering:     New PVC "plush-tuff" composite 
  • Lamination:   Multilayer polyvicose/cotton 
  • Bladder:   Professional latex 
  • Performance: Soft-touch; true bounce; water-resistant 
  • Recommended

  • Soccer Level: Camp; developmental 
  • 420 - 440 grams 
  • 68.5 - 69.0 cm (Ball Pressure 0.75 bar) 
  • Soccer ball available in official sizes 3 & 4 

  • This ball is available in other color and graphics
    Custom logo / imprint available.
    Flag Soccerballs

    Rugby Ball

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