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Six panel soccer balls

RH-32 football
  • Six panel soccer balls
    1. Promotional soccer balls made of PVC Synthetic leather
      Multilayer polyvicose/cotton lamination
       latex bladder
      These soccer balls are also available in size 4
      Also available in any color and graphics, logo imprint available.
      50 footballs packed in a carton
    soccer balls
  • Six panel Footballs
  • Made of  Polyurethane 
  • 100% cross lamination of 2 pv (100% Polyester)

  • + 2 pc (65% cotton + 35% Polyester) with self 
    cure latex glue.
  • 100% hand stitched. 
  • 70 - 75 grams carbonated latex bladder,

  • 80 - 85 grams butyl bladder 
  • Also available in size 4 
  • Available with logo imprint in any color and graphics 
  • 50 Pcs packed in a carton 
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