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Club Training Soccer Balls :
We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of soccer balls Promotional giveaways cheap soccer balls, wholesale soccer balls, indoor soccer ball, mini soccer balls, soccer equipment accessories for SAYSO  Soccer Referees and Coaches of  youth SOCCER Organization. Our inflatable soccer balls are hand stitched for better performance. The glossy outer finish renders our soccer balls a distinct look.

RH-65 football
Club Training Balls
  • Training soccer balls made of Polyurethane discount price.
  • Soccer ball are 100% cross lamination of 2 pv (100% Polyester)

  • + 2 pc (65% cotton + 35% Polyester) with self 
    cure latex glue.
  • Soccer balls are 100% hand stitched. 
  • 70 - 75 grams carbonated latex bladder,

  • 80 - 85 grams butyl bladder (Taiwan)
  • 420 - 445 grams 
  • 68.5 - 69.5 cm (Ball Pressure 0.8 bar) 
  • These training soccer ball are also available in official sizes 3 & 4 
  • Available in any color and graphics
  • Soccer Balls for Teams with Chivas Logo 
RH-127 foot ball equipment
Club Training Soccer Balls
  • Cordley Polyurethane 
  • 100% cross lamination of 2 pv (100% Polyester)

  • + 2 pc (65% cotton + 35% Polyester) with self 
    cure latex glue.
  • 100% hand stitched. 
  • Football are fitted with 70 - 75 grams carbonated latex bladder,
  • 420 - 445 grams 
  • Custom logo / imprint available.
  • Also available in official sizes 3 & 4 
  • Also available in any color and graphics 
  •  Tough and highly durable balls for extended use

  • Specific materials for use on all playing surfaces
    Used by coaches for all age groups and all standards
    The best performance and value training balls 
    Imprint your club logo on the soccer balls. The balls can be made to match your team colors. 


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    Wholesale Soccer Ball for Youth
    • PU synthetic leather promo soccer balls 
    • 4 ply backing cloth Soccer Balls 
    • latex bladder balls w/ synthetic valve 
    • waterproof & frostproof soccer balls 
    • excellent high school & club match balls 
    • According to NFHS standards 
    • Ideal for club promotion teams Soccer Balls
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    Collegiate Soccer Balls
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    Soccer balls PVC soccer ball casing 
    4 ply laminaed fabric soccer ball backing  latex socer ball bladder with valve  Soccer ball casing material is ideal for solid soccer playing & longevity  ideal for recreational match play and high school or club team practice discount soccer Balls 

    Custom made Soccer Balls

    Footballs for Club Training 
    Each pre-cut panel has uniformed stitch holes on each side. Every corner is secured with one extra knot. This technique guarantees for complete roundness and equal tension from all directions. This is why Rhombus Custom Imprinted soccer balls are completely round and are more durable to resist the pressure of a championship play.

    Rhombus Sports your ultimate source for Club training soccer ball, inflatable soccer ball manufacturer and other sporting goods custom exercise balls, top quality materials and workmanship, high performance products and designs, graphics, logo, custom products, fundraising, Custom imprinted soccer balls, all apparel including custom uniforms shirts shorts discount balls Excellent quality products with your company brand.. We give full guarantee of our soccer products quality, if any fault will be found, we provide replacement free of cost to our all soccer customers, so make best quality football products is our initial step.
    If you have any questions or want to place an order, 
    Please e-mail rhombus@rhombus-sports.com
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    we can design and manufacture basing on customers’ requirement. We are proud of our highly experienced, skilled staffs who work very hard for the development of the company and meeting customers’ demand in an effective way. Our aim is to serve customers and make sure that they are comfortable and satisfied with our products and services.

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